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Introducing the Ultimate All-In-One Growth Platform for Your Practice

PipeFlow helps your clinic grow by maximizing the patient-experience, streamlining your front-desk operations, leveraging robust marketing strategies, and quantifying your business advertising.

Grow your practice with Growth Clinic

With a focus on continuous innovation, Growth Clinic offers the first all-in-one practice growth platform that’s HIPAA-compliant, delivers measurable improvements, and is proven to grow your practice.

How We Help

Gain New Patients

Implement our proven brand-response strategies. We execute winning medical marketing campaigns to attract your ideal patients so you can focus on serving your clients.

Automate Your Follow-Up

97% of small businesses leave money on the table due to the inability to nurture and convert prospects. We will help you automate your follow-up processes to ensure that your marketing dollars go as far as possible. We teach your staff how to optimize your leads and create direct calls to action that maximize patient response.

Manage Your Reputation

Nothing is worse for your business than a bad reputation. 10X Growth Clinic will optimize your online presence and secure your brand identity. We will help you maintain a pristine reputation and attract more high-case-valued clients.

Build Brand Recognition

10% of clinic owners in your market capture 90% of the revenue. You may struggle with deciding how to allocate funds to your branding as you strive to enter that 10%. We are experts in reputation and advertising, and our professional team will raise you above your competition and help you establish a strong brand identity.

C.A.M Technologies

Our Client Acquisition Manager software takes the guesswork out of calculating your ROI on the marketing dollars you spend. Our proven technologies allow you to see your business pipeline overview at any time. You can easily manage clients from their initial acquisition as a prospect and along every step in their customer journey with your clinic.

Our CRM Is Your Guide to Success

Our PipeFlow CRM helps your practice grow by maximizing the patient-experience, streamlining your front desk operations, leveraging robust marketing strategies, and quantifying your business. You won’t believe what PipeFlow can do for your clinic’s reputation, operation, and success!

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