Analytic Call Tracking

ACT to discover which ads work

ACT to Discover Which Ads Work

Growth Clinic’s Analytic Call Tracking (ACT) tells you which marketing channels are generating the most effective leads for your office. We assign your clinic a block of different toll-free numbers that we use for your ads. For instance:


Ad #1 : 888-555-1111


Ad #2: 888-555-2222


Ad #3: 888-555-3333

When leads call the different numbers, our data center captures the caller ID information and time of the calls and seamlessly routes prospects to your office. 10X Growth Clinic will then review the data we have collected to help you determine which ads generated the most effective leads for your business. We will guide you in optimizing your ads, phone scripting, consultations, and all of the steps in your sales process to get you the best results!

Track Your Calls and Profits. Here’s How It Works!