Copywriting Services

Copywriting Services

As marketers, We all know the first impression is the most important part of the sales process. Just like the first handshake, the landing page on your website is the initial ice breaker. Everything is riding on that content to push potential customers through your front door. Your content must answer questions, solve problems, and instill hope; all the while motivating the reader to seek more of your services.

Here at Growth Clinic marketing we employ a team of professional copywriters that have extensive experience with producing original, gripping content. Our writers will comb your website, source your competition, and hammer through prose until you end up with a money sucking sales page that your readers can’t help but follow through on.

Here are Some of The Advantages of Using Our Copywriting Services:

  • We provide 100% original sales pages that speak to your reader’s emotions until they are itching to click on your “Buy Now” button.
  • Your sales page will be maximized for the search engines without affecting its seamless flow.
  • Your content will be informative, entertaining, and optimized for the most up to date Google algorithms.
  • We pair you with writers who already have intimate knowledge of your field
  • Our writing team will not quit until you tell them to. Your satisfaction is the most important part of the writing process, and we will re-hash your content until it exceeds your expectations.
  • We Use a Time-Tested System for Consistently Creating Effective Sales Pages Our simple methodology starts with a clear understanding of what our clients want to convey to their readership.We spend the majority of our time in the research phase; speaking with our clients, researching the competition, choosing effective keywords and clearly identifying the goals of the project

Never Any Contracts Signed..

There are NEVER any contracts to sign or obligations to continue our internet marketing services at all. The decision to continue working with us is always yours, with no time constraints or hidden penalties if you should decide to move on. In fact, we urge you to cancel if we haven’t over delivered on our promises month after month. Most companies will ask you to sign a long contract. As a business owner ourselves we HATE contracts and would never get you to sign one. We put our work to the test month after month, giving you measurable and traceable results.