Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Increase Online Conversions By 30% With Customized Animated Videos..

Video marketing is when a business creates a short video for viral distribution and exposure. The types of videos are uploaded to sharing websites like YouTube or on the seller’s website to promote a brand, product, or service. An explainer video is a simple, one to two minute video that introduces a new product or company to the viewer. The most popular type of explainer video is an animated explainer video. As animated explainer videos allow for more creativity, they are the preferred format for explaining services or indefinable technology products.

Create Your Animated Explainer Video

If you’re worried about getting customers to remember who you are and what you do, an explainer video is your solution. You want to entice the user experience and create something memorable. At Growth Clinic, we will help you create a compelling video that will promote your business and create awareness. To get started on your video, call us today.

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